Is jellyfish really a fish

Is Jellyfish really a Fish?

If I say Jelly fish is a fish, Would that be right? Well if you look at a jellyfish that is washed to the beach shore it might look like a soggy plastic bag. The truth is that the jellyfish has no bones, heart, head or a brain and it is not even a fish. It is a Plankton.


Plankton is a term used for drifters. The organisms that drift along the ocean current and are unable of swimming on their own. Since the Jellyfish is a plankton a lot of people call it as “jellies” or “sea jellies“.

Here are some fun facts about jellies

  • Jellies are 90% made up of water.
  • A group of Jellyfish is called a “swarm” (just like a “swarm” of stinging bees )
  • There is evidence that jellyfish came much earlier than dinosaurs.
  • Some Jellyfishes live for about a few hours to a few months. However there is one known species Turritopsis nutricula that can live forever.
  • Jellyfishes can eat other jellies.
  • Jellyfish can sting even after they are dead. Ooo Scary!

Check out their beautiful dance –

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  1. Maneesh Kumar Avatar
    Maneesh Kumar

    Super, didn't know that jellyfish can be immortal!

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