dolphins - they swim like fish

They Swim like Fish!

They live in the water. They have fins and swim like fish. They even look like fish. But they are not fish. What are they? They are mammals like whales, you and me. Dolphins! Correct!

Dolphins jumping in the water

Dolphins are toothed whales. They are much smaller than whales in size and have  long streamlined bodies. They travel in schools and can swim at a speed of up to 25 mph. Dolphins give birth to young ones as they are mammals. They are very intelligent and friendly whales. For that reason there are a lot of dolphin parks where shows are held to display the playful tricks of this creature.

They need air to breathe in so they have to stick their head out of the water otherwise they will drown. They even have special hole at the top of their head to blow air in and out. A sleeping dolphin usually rests at or near the surface of the water. That way, the dolphin is not too far from the air it needs to breathe.

Dolphins make a lot of unique talking sounds like whistling, barking, squeaking, squawking and many others. They are able to converse with other dolphins that are miles apart without even using cell phones :)  Who is the smarter one then?

Dolphins are generally very peaceful but the only animal they attack is the shark. A group of angry dolphins will ram their head against a shark until it either runs away or is killed.

What’s in a name?

Spinner dolphins were named for the mid-air spins they do. Spinner dolphins can whirl and twirl—just like acrobats.

River Dolphins are only found in Amazon river.

Bottle nosed are so named because they have a short rounded snout or ‘beak’ that resembles a bottle.


Check out how playful these bottle nosed dolphins are with a school of fish.

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