Lost Callie

This cute story is penned by our little reader Ananya, who is eight years old.

Callie with her bike

Image Credit: Flickr User lownote, via CC

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Callie. She was 9 years old. On her birthday, she got a new bike. It was purple in color. Callie had a sister named Kiana. One day, Callie went out riding on her new bike to the farmland. While riding, she crossed a huge apartment complex, a school and a lake near the farms. She stopped near the lake and sat there for some time. After a while, she realized that it was 3.30pm and she should be heading back home.

While Callie was riding, she got lost in the farms. It was nearly 5 o’clock and Callie was still looking for a way out. It soon became dark and she got tired and fell asleep under a tree.

Callie eating apple

Image Credit: Flickr User masstravel, via CC

In the morning, when Callie woke up, she went looking around the farms for something to eat. She soon found an apple and she crunched it up. Callie tried to look for a way out again in daylight and this time she found it. She quickly rode her bike the way out.

After riding for a few minutes, she spotted the school that she had passed the previous evening. While riding her bike she also saw the apartment and accidentally went inside it. But once she was inside, she got lost in the apartment allies.

Then she saw the security person and asked him, “Which is the way out?” He instructed Callie to take a right and then she would be on the main road. So Callie followed his directions and rode her way out of the apartment complex.

When she reached her house she found her parents and Kiana worried. They asked her where she had been. Callie told them the entire story of how she got lost twice.

Later, she slept for the whole day.


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