My Daddy Dearest

fathers day

This Father’s Day I want to honor my father who is probably peeping through the clouds and still watching over me. Five greatest lessons out of a thousand good things that he taught me without even saying a word.

  • The greatest gift that you can give to your kids is unconditional love. Just give your kids the gift of love without any strings attached. No expectation in return other than their happiness.
  • When it comes to choosing kids or your ego, always choose your kids and they will never forget that. Trust me I know.
  • It is good to smile at your kids, it warms their heart¬†every time¬†you do that, assuring them that you love them.
  • If you really love your kids, set them free and they will come back to you.
  • Always be around for your kids and when you are unable to do so they will carry you in their heart forever.

Thank you Papa, God knows you are always in my heart.



  1. Wonderful website with good combination of facts, news to both kids and parents! Truly touching message to your dad on fathers day!

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