Fathers day

For a Very Special Daddy

Hey, today is Fathers Day! 
So what if you didn’t buy fancy things to impress him! Material things are not important at all. What is important is to show how much you love him. While we should love and respect him every day, this day particularly gives an opportunity to show our love for him in a special way. 

Here’s something you can do :


  • You  can give him a card telling him how you feel about him. Write something straight from your heart.  Believe me, your father will surely love such a thoughtful gift. 
  • You can cook something with your mum’s help. What a delicious surprise that would be!
  • And the best gift of all !! Hug your father and say, “I love you, thank you, for everything!”

Kids, always remember that every father makes a lot of efforts to give his kid the best of everything that he can manage. He will always love you no matter what. You are truly lucky to have your father !! 

My father is not in this world anymore and I miss him a lot. He was kind, smart, witty and so loving.  I love you Papa !!

For all of you, keep loving your father always,
Have a Happy Fathers Day!!

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