My Daddy!

(Tanya, 13, daddy’s little girl writes an adorable poem for her father)

My daddy

Image Credit: Pixabay User PublicDomainPictures,via CC

Oh! Daddy you’re so cool
Laughter is your only tool
You crack jokes in a quirky style
That make us laugh and smile
You send me to play
Even when there is no time to make hay
You make life so easy for mom
When you agree to kebabs rolled in corn
You look so cute when you try to be my brother
God tried but couldn’t style another
You are a human gift
Who knows no rift
May smiles stretch out for miles after miles
And sorrow doesn’t touch you even for a while.


  1. Awesome poem Tanya!! You’ve written a great piece on ‘fathers’ and I totally agree with your poem. Keep up your good work and try to write more poems! Good luck!

  2. That sooo awesome Tanya! You really do love your father. I am sure that he would love you and go into tears while hugging you!

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