My Friend Bunny

(Kavya, 9, tells us all about her buddy Bunny.)

My Friend Bunny

Image Credit: Pixabay User OpenClips,via CC

My friend Bunny,
Is so funny,
He is caring,
And always sharing.

I like,
When he rides his bike,
He is knowledgeable,
And enjoyable.

He likes to blow a Bubble,
So he is always in trouble,
He is helpful,
And very playful.

He has a son,
Who is always fun,
Stars twinkling in the sky,
As I wish Bunny good-bye.


  1. That is super !!
    At nine years , the imagination and the narration of Kavya is just so engaging . Her capability to pen down her thoughts into words is remarkable Hope to read more of her poems . God bless .

  2. Kavya has Nana’s instincts.
    Creative writing enhances your thought process ……..
    I love it, Kavya !
    Keep it up …………. !

  3. Awesommmmme poem!I really wish I had a buddy like you’ve proved that 9 year olds shouldn’t be underestimated and I love the way you’ve used rhyming couplets and still made it meaningful!!
    Please keep writing such fun poems
    BOL-Best Of Luck Kavya for your following waiting-to-be-published pieces of FUNNY literature!!

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