Never Give Up

(Shash, 11, shows us where there is a will there is a way)

Drawing Competition

Image Credit: Flickr User Dominic's pics, via CC

Once there was a boy named Tommy Tucker. He was 13 years old and was from a poor family. His father was a pizza deliverer and was ill very often. Since he was a child, he had always had an ambition… a desire. What was that? To be an artist. Everybody said it was impossible for him to be an artist and made fun of his family and name. But Tommy Tucker never gave up and continued towards his goal, ignoring the cries and insults of the local villagers.

One day, on his way back from his school, he was passing a nearby tree and out of the corner of his eye he could make out the word ‘ Drawing’. Now ‘drawing’ was Tommy Tucker’s favorite word. He ran up to the tree and noticed there was a poster saying there was a drawing competition the following week, and anyone aged 13 and up was welcome and whoever won would get 1 million dollars and a life supply of the art equipment. He thought for a minute or two and came to a decision. He thought he’d give it a shot.

That week seemed like the longest week in his life. Everyday when he reached home from school, a pencil and a piece of paper were the first things in his hands. Then, after what seemed like years, the day came of the drawing competition. He reached the place where it was being held and signed in.

Everybody was given a topic to draw on according to their age. Tommy reached for his pencil, his lucky pencil, and started drawing on the given topic. The child sitting behind him kept on annoying him by moving his easel or dropping his paints. But Tommy Tucker never gave up. He finally finished his drawing, and after submitting it he set off for home.

After two weeks, a letter was sent all the participants. Tommy dreaded to open the fearful envelope. He fought over his fear of losing and opened the envelope. Just as he read the first sentence, he burst out crying. But they were not tears of fear or sadness… they were tears of joy.


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