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Never cheat

 (The enthusiastic story is written by zeal who is 10 years old)

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There was once a beautiful girl named Sophie. She was a very good girl and always finished her work on time, but she was a very stubborn child. She always wanted to be famous in school and her class. Her parents had small jobs. Her mother was a Cook in a Boarding school and her father was a pizza delivery boy. They were a middle class family and lived in a tiny house in a forest.

One day a letter arrived for Sophie. The letter said,” This is a invitation for a cake making competition. If you want to participate in this competition, please contact us on 2876419463.”

Sophie gasped and said, “Wow! Amazing! I am definitely going to partipicate in this competition!”

Her mother arrived and said,”Listen Sophie dear, if this competition wants you to pay money, then you are not going for it!”

” It doesn’t want you to!”, said Sophie.

” Ok then Sophie, You should participate for this program”, said Sophie’s father, sitting on the tiny sofa.

“Okay then! I am calling this number” said Sophie, picking up the old telephone.

After talking on the phone she ran to her mother and said,” Mom you know what! I am the first person to participate in this program!”

” Ok that’s a good thing dear, now please go and have your dinner!”, Sophie’s mother snapped.

Sophie went towards their old dining table and started eating her dinner.

That night Sophie couldn’t sleep. She was very excited for tomorrow’s Cake making competition. In the morning, Sophie quickly dressed up and finished her breakfast and said,” Mom! I am done with everything and now I am going for the cake making competition!”.

“Ok dear! Best of luck!” said Sophie’s mother, waving a Good- bye.

“Bye dad!”, yelled Sophie.

” Bye honey! Best of luck!” replied her father through his yawns.

Sophie shut the door and was finally at the cake making competition program hall.” Welcome everyone!”, began the emcee.” Today we have a great cake making competition!” Soon the competition began. Everyone began making their cakes. Sophie was perplexed. She was not understand what type of cake to make.

“Participants! You have one and a half more hours!” announced the judge. Sophie started to panic. She had not even started! And all the others were almost finished. Then she got an idea. She sneaked out of the hall and ran towards a cake shop. She gave hundred and fifty dollars to the shop owner and said, “Please give me a chocolate fudge cake!”.

“Okay ma’am !” said the owner, and gave her the cake. Sophie ran back into the hall and simply put the cake on the cake-stand. Nobody saw her do this except a small five- year- old kid. Soon the time was up. The judges came to taste the cakes. They came towards Sophie’s cake and were just about to taste it when the young five- year- old kid yelled,”Judges! please don’t taste her cake! She has cheated and bought the cake from a cake shop!”

The judges looked at Sophie in an angry way and said,”Sophie that was just terrible!” Why did you cheat? You are disqualified !” Sophie burst into tears and ran away,out of the hall. She arrived home and started crying in her room. Her mother came and asked her,” Why are you crying dear!?” Sophie told everything to her mother and said,”I am sorry mother,I will never cheat again”. Her mother looked at her for a while and said,”It’s ok Sophie I am glad you have realised your mistake, I hope you will not do such things again”. Sophie stopped crying and said, ” I am sorry mother, I will never cheat again”.

Her mother was happy now. From that day onwards, Sophie never cheated again and always told the truth.

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13 responses to “Never cheat”

  1. Anya Avatar

    I am surprised that how did the girl get 150 dollars because she was so poor and her parents had small jobs.Also how could she carry so much money without her mother permission.He mother should have asked her about that too when se told her the story.

  2. Zeal Avatar

    This story is written by me.Please comment on it if you like it!

  3. disha Avatar

    nice story :) and an expensive cake indeed!

  4. Zeal2000 Avatar

    Yeah I know.Maybe thats a mistake :)
    Anyway thanks for your wonderful reply.


  5. Arusha Avatar

    Nice story!and good moral too!still it said that she wanted to become famous in her class and school,so in the end how did she become famous?and how come the judges didn’t notice her sneaking out and buying the cake and coming back?that was the only problem I spotted.Otherwise the story was fantastic!

  6. Arusha Avatar

    Please don’t feel bad for I’m not against it.but I’m saying again it was fantastic!

  7. Zeal2000 Avatar

    Thanks Arusha for your lovely reply.
    Will try improving with my next story!
    And thanks for your advice.

  8. Arusha Avatar

    Your welcome!anyway I have read it hundred times because I like it alot
    :) ;) :D

  9. Zeal2000 Avatar

    thanks a lot.Your really nice!
    And I think your very active on Kinooze.

  10. Arusha Avatar

    Thank you!I think you’re quite active too :) ;) :D

  11. Prarthana Avatar

    great story zeal. i enjoyed reading it.
    very good moral. it was a costly cake!
    despite your mistakes it was very nice.
    please keep writing. : )

  12. Zeal2000 Avatar

    Thank you.Will try improving next time!

  13. shash Avatar

    great story. how did she get 150 dollars if she was so poor?

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