Sleep tight and Your Brain will be Bright!

Sleep tight and your brain will be bright

Why does your mother insist its time to sleep when you still want to be awake?

Why does she always say “Sleep right now, it’s important you get enough sleep?”.

Imagine our brain to be a drawer full of papers. Every now and then we have to clean the drawer to trash the old, not useful papers so that we can keep the new ones. Right?
Sleep is just like that ‘Cleaning time’ for our brain. Scientists say that every time we sleep, sleep allows the brain to “forget” the unimportant things that  happen in the day and make a memory of important or fun things that occurred. So this way, there is more space for learning the next day.

And when you don’t get enough sleep, the brain cannot prepare for more new information. And wouldn’t this make you an inefficient person? On the other hand, a good sleep always makes you feel refreshed.

That is why we say Mother knows the best ;)

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