The Big Brain

Image Credit: Flickr User Iquo E, via CC

Scientists have successfully created a high resolution 3D model of the brain that they have named ‘The Big Brain’. The model will give a 3D insight into the human brain and will enable the user to observe microscopic details of the brain. It’s almost like studying a real human brain, may be even better!

How was such a fine model crafted?

Researchers took an actual human brain and carefully sliced it into 7,400 sections. These sections were half the thickness of human hair! Each fragile section was then individually studied, mapped in detail and scanned into the computer. It all may sound easy now, but the entire process was really difficult. A total of 80 billion neurons has been profiled in the process!! The project took 10 years to complete.

The model will be made freely available to neuroscientists (doctors who study the nervous system) who will benefit by using the model for their advanced studies and researches. The model will also help neurologists, the brain doctors, know more about brain disorders.

Big Brain is indeed amongst one of the biggest medical marvels of recent times. :)

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