Who is the Boss?

Who is the Boss?

Hmm… we are not talking about mommy dearest ;) Take a guess at what we are talking about. Here is another clue. What is grey on outside and white on inside and wrinkly?? If you guessed brain, you are right!!

Brain is the Boss of your Body

Brain is the Boss of your body. It controls everthing that your body does. It tells the body what to do and when to do what. It keeps the heart beating and lungs breathing. It lets us talk, remember and learn new things. How does it do that?

Our brain is made up of billions of tiny cells called Neurons. These neurons tell the body what to do when they receive messages from your body. Mostly all of our body has nerves. Nerves send messages to our brain about what we feel, hear, smell, taste and more. Inturn, neurons instruct the body what to do.

Imagine you are playing ‘catch the ball’ with your friends. You see the ball coming to you with speed, you leap and grab it.How was your timing perfect. Brain processes the information coming to it from your eyes, ears, and other sensory organs superfast. Even computers are not that fast!!

Who is the Boss?

Drain your Brain:
When you exercise, your body produces a chemical that makes your brain learn better. Neurons create and send more messages than all the phones in the entire world.
All our neurons together can generate enough electricity to light a small bulb.

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