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  • How Social Media Impacts our Well Being

    How Social Media Impacts our Well Being

    Most of us are addicted to social media. Either we are on Facebook or Instagram for more than an hour every day. We think that makes us happier, bringing us closer to the people we like or follow. However, the reality is not what it seems – according to recent research published in the Journal […]

  • The Next Total Solar Eclipse

    The Next Total Solar Eclipse

    Come March 20th and some parts of Earth would be plunged into complete darkness. The lucky winners are who will experience total solar eclipse are Northern Scandinavia and the Faroe Islands. The Isle of Lewis will only get 2% of the sun rays where the main Scotland will receive 6% of the sunlight. UK is […]

  • Google Spoon

    Google Spoon

    What if you have Parkinson’s, And you like your food tons. Can’t eat with a shaky hand, One thing you can’t stand. Once in a blue moon, Comes a magic spoon. That makes you eat without spill, It’s possible! You can and you will! Millions of people around the world on old age suffer from Parkinson’s […]

  • Rainbow Punches a Hole in The Cloud..

    Rainbow Punches a Hole in The Cloud..

    Something bizarre recently happened over the skies of the little seaside town of Wonthaggi, Victoria in Australia. The rainbow and the cloud had a fight, and the angry rainbow punched a hole in the cloud. What did the cloud do then? It just cried and cried, and its tears fell down on the ground as snowfall. Little pixies […]

  • Coffee Grounds and Biofuel

    Coffee Grounds and Biofuel

    Anyone for coffee? This has to be one of the first questions that grown ups ask each other when they get up in the morning. Most people around the world like to kick start their day with a hot cup of this brewed beverage. But not very far into the future, we might have another kind of coffee fans – Cars! […]

  • Mystery of Dead Whales

    Mystery of Dead Whales

    Discovery that led to the mystery In 2010, the Pan American highway in Cerro Ballena, Chile was being expanded. Cerro Ballena lies in the Atacama desert, in Chile, in South America. Did you know that Atacama desert is the driest desert in the world? Cerro Ballena in Chile’s Atacama Desert is famous for preserved whale fossils. Whale bones often […]

  • Home Delivery by Drones

    Home Delivery by Drones

    Amazon has done something amazing. If you order something from amazon now, you can expect it in 30 minutes. Wow! Not even pizza gets delivered that fast. Chief Executive Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon has tested unmanned drones to deliver packaged goods to customers. What are drones? A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is actually an aircraft without […]

  • A Fuel Cell Vehicle Or A Food Car?

    A Fuel Cell Vehicle Or A Food Car?

    When I say food car, the image of a mobile van serving delicious hot-dogs and ice creams comes to your mind, doesn’t it? But here the food car is actually a food farm. Hyundai’s new invention, the food car is displayed at London Design Museum. How can a car double up as a food farm? […]

  • Our DNA, Our History

    Our DNA, Our History

    Don’t we all wonder about our ancestors. Many a times our parents share some unique story about our great grandparents who were either freedom fighters or royals. Is there a way of discovering the history of your family tree? Maybe a way to find the migrations that your ancestors did. There is a way. National Geographic’s […]

  • The Thinnest Glass

    The Thinnest Glass

    Sometimes strange discoveries are done by chance. Imagine their surprise when researchers at Cornell and Germany’s University of Ulm discovered that they had unknowingly created the thinnest glass. Their discovery is recorded in Guinness Book of World Records. David A. Muller, professor of applied and engineering physics and director of the Kavli Institute at Cornell  found it. […]

  • Hurricane Hunters

    Hurricane Hunters

    Most of you must have heard about storm chasers but can someone actually hunt the storm and track then while they are building up. Well, there are drones made by NASA that follow the hurricanes. There has been a lot of opposition on the usage of drones to kill the enemies, but this seems like […]

  • Spider Silk or Electrical Conductor?

    Spider Silk or Electrical Conductor?

    Spider silk is astonishingly strong and sturdy. No wonder Spiderman roams around the city using the spider silk as steel bars. It is finer than a human hair and five times stronger than the steel wire of the same diameter. It is extremely stretchable, and some kind of spider silk can also transmit light. Looking […]

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