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Our DNA, Our History

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Don’t we all wonder about our ancestors. Many a times our parents share some unique story about our great grandparents who were either freedom fighters or royals. Is there a way of discovering the history of your family tree? Maybe a way to find the migrations that your ancestors did.

There is a way. National Geographic’s Genographic Project allows you to unravel the mystery about your lineage and history by reading your DNA. The Genographic Project is a research led by National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Spencer Wells. He believes that you are a carrying a lot of history inside your genes. It is time to read them.

Not only do they tell you about your roots, they also get a better understanding of the world history and chart a complete map of the early stages of human history or the prehistoric times as each sample provides more insights.


What do you need to do? You need submit your DNA sample (a cheek swab) and buy Geno 2.0 kits that will help you analyse the results. The results would tell you if your ancestors were kings, queens or samurais.


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