Is history a bird?

Is History a Bird?

“What’s history? ” Neil asked.

His father put down the newspaper that he was reading.

“What did you do today? ”

” But I asked you first, ” Neil said.

” I am trying to answer your question.” His father smiled. Tell me everything you remember about today.

“Okay, Today I ate breakfast. Then went out to play with my friends. We played with the neighbour’s dog. Then I came home. Tell me please ‘What is history?’ ”

His father smiled again and said “You just told me your history for today.”

“Everything I did today is history?”, Neil said excitedly. “Yes”, his father replied.

“So History is what everybody did before the present time?”.

“Everybody. Every family. Every person. Every place. Every country.” answered his father.

“Oh I thought it was just some wars and battles that were fought.”,  Neil said.

“Yes you are right the wars are also history but just a small part of it.”

Neil’s father picked up the newspaper from his lap and said, “And that is why we read newspapers to know today’s history of what happening around the world”.

“Hmm, May be I will also write history one day”, said Neil.

His father just smiled.



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