Curiosity gets a 'brain transplant'

Curiosity gets a ‘brain transplant’

The Curiosity rover is exploring red planet a little bit more every day. It has been transmitting back to Earth latest images that show the environment around its landing site on Mars.

Curiosity will make the red planet its home for next two years. It will spend its time taking samples from the surface of mars and looking for evidence of any life.

To ensure that Curiosity does its job well, this weekend the Mars rover has been getting what NASA calls a “brain transplant.”  What it means is that a new version of flight software is being updated on Curiosity. It will improve Curiosity’s powerful robotic arm and drill and its driving skills. It will also give the rover better ability to process images so that it can avoid obstacles while driving as well as go on longer drives.

Pretty tough job huh! Fix someone’s brain from millions of miles away!

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