Snake and Rat, Can They Ever Be Friends ?

Snake and Rat, Can they be friends?

Once a snake charmer caught a snake and kept it in the cane basket.
Then he caught a chubby rat and kept it in the basket for snake to eat it. When the snake approached to gobble the rat up, rat said that he can help the snake escape if he leaves him alive. The snake had his doubts but nevertheless agreed to the rat’s suggestion.
Rat jumped on snakes head and told the snake to close his eyes till he finishes chanting a magical spell. After that they can both escape, rat said.
As soon as snake closed his eyes, rat gnawed a hole in the cane box and escaped. A little later, snake opened his eyes and found the rat missing. Angrily,he too quickly escaped but vowed to find the rat and eat him up.
A few days later he found the rat hole. He called for the rat to come out. He said he wanted to thank him.
The witty rat refused to come out saying that he pretended to be snake’s friend that time only to save his own life.

The snake understood that Friendship is only between equals and went away to look for food.

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