Strong Tornado Hits Oklahoma

Tornado in Okhlohoma

Image Credit: Flickr User NOAA, via CC

An enormous powerful tornado tore through city of Oklahoma particularly causing massive damage  to property and lives in two of the suburbs – Moore and Shawnee.

A tornado is a funnel like violently swirling structure of wind. It starts from the surface of the Earth to reach high upto the sky. They are often also known as cyclones or twisters.

The Oklahoma tornado generated winds up to 200mph (321km/h). It stayed on ground for about an hour smashing houses and flinging vehicles. The officials are still trying to access the full damage caused by tornado. President Barack Obama expressed his concern over the situation and has offered any help neede to the governer of Oklahoma state, Mary Fallin.

Did you know that tornadoes happen in every continent other than Antarctic?

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