Sunita Williams wishes Indians from Space

Sunita-Williams-Independence day

Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams wished all the indians a very happy independence day from her temporary home, the International Space Station(ISS). Sunita also proudly unfurled the Indian flag.

Her Indian roots lie in Gujarat as her father is from Gujarat.”You know that I am half Indian. My father is from Gujarat. So, I am familiar with culture and customs of India. I am so proud to be a part of this (Independence Day) celebration,” Williams said displaying India’s national flag.TOI reports.

Watch video of Sunita talking about all of it:

Sunita went on her second space trip with two other astronauts Russian Yuri Malenchenko and Japanese Akihiko Hoshide. She went there in mid july and will return home in mid-November. The crew is expected to conduct over 30 scientific missions during their stay aboard the ISS.

Thanks and all the best Sunita!!

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