The Circulatory System

( Hridaya, 11, writes about the most important system in our body)

circulatory system

Image Credit: Flickr User evillalba,via CC

The Circulatory system,
is a hidden transport system, and a distribution system.
It transports nutrients and oxygen and collects carbon dioxide, heart is the center, blood the carrier,
All body parts are the beneficiaries..
Have a peep; See the blood and its components
They are the doctors, red is their color, they carry oxygen,
They are the red blood cells.
The warriors and soldiers, white is their colour , they are the protectors, They are the white blood cells.
They are the healers, white is their colour , they are all around, platelets are their name.
The oxygen tankers, and the waste collectors, they are the nutrition givers, They are the plasma.
Some thick some thin, some short some long, they are filled with blood, (oxygenated deoxygenated) they are the blood vessels.
The blood flows to the heart, lungs and back to the heart
through the arteries, veins and capillaries.
And the cycle continues ……
But if you won’t take care,
The system will suffer….
So have lots of healthy food,
And do various exercises.

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