Circulatory System Is Super Cool

(Mihika, 9, gives super cool information about heart)

Our circulatory system, Image Credit: Pixabay User PublicDomainPictures, via CC

When I was around eight years old, I was about to appear for my first Science Olympiad Exam! My parents told me that there might be questions about the heart, so they explained to me that the heart pumps blood all around the body!

Now I began wondering that what is blood? How does it help? Why is the heart very important? I got to know a bit, but I still did not know a lot, and I didn’t understand it! When  I graduated to grade 5, I was glad to know that we would be able to learn about the circulatory system!

Our teacher Nandini ma’am did an experiment in  our class. She made us  jog continuously for 5 minutes! Later on we all put down our feelings and shared what was happening to us. Our HEART WAS BEATING FASTER! And that was when we all got hooked to THE CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM otherwise known as the Circulatory System!

Do you know our heart beats 72 times a minute and while exercising it beats 140 times a minute?

Our blood is like a delivery boy if we compare the circulatory system to the courier company! Blood delivers essentials (energy and oxygen) to the various body parts just like the courier company delivers parcels to the various people! The blood has four main components called-Red Blood Cells, White blood cells, Platelets and Plasma! The blood travels through Veins, Arteries and capillaries!

Our heart is the most hardworking organ in our body! It is an involuntary muscle! It has four chambers in it!

We need to eat very healthy food (Iron rich food, Leafy vegetables, fruits) to ensure a healthy circulatory system! We should not eat fatty, fried and sugary food as that tires our heart!


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