The Laboratory Burger

Lab Grown meat

Image Credit: Maastricht University, via CC

Some time back we heard about food being printed. Yes, scientists are working on something miraculous, just print your food.

A new kind of burger that is not cooked in the kitchen but made in a laboratory was tasted for the first time in London on Monday.

Scientist Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University produced the burger from 20,000 tiny strips of lab-grown meat. He had been working for several years on this. Initially mouse meat and then pork were created. Finally beef meat has also been made.

This lab meat was cooked into a burger by famous chef Richard McGowan from Cornwall. Food critics enjoyed the burger and said that it was very close to the real meat except in its tenderness.

It is indeed a good start, believes Mark Post. He also believes that this is an environment friendly solution as rearing of animals requires much more land, water and animal feed. Stem cells from just one animal could be used to make a million times more meat than could be obtained from a single animal.

You will have to wait to taste this burger because right now it costs a whooping £215,000!!


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