The Magical Tree of Cherry

(This magical story has been written by 7 year old Avantika)
The cherry tree

Image Credit: Flickr User toolmantim, via CC

Once there was a small girl who loved Cherry’s sweetness. She used to come home and makes some cherry shakes. She used to eat it in her snacks everyday.
One day, all the cherries got over. So, she went to a tree nearby which had some leftover cherries. She took the leftover cherries and went home. She got a basket with her, she touched the cherry and to her surprise there was a key in it. She went back home and thought if there was a key there must be a keyhole as well.

She went back to search the tree and found a black key hole. When she put the key and turned in and found the treasure hidden in the tree and lived happily ever after.

Secret  about the key:

If you shake the tree a cherry will fall and one of it has a key of Gold. Find the key and put it in the black key hole and find the treasure.

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