The Pineapple tree

The Pineapple Tree

(Shash, 11, writes a humorous poem about a boy who is scared of bees)

Image Credit: Pixabay User PDPhotos, via CC

Once I saw a pineapple tree,
Suddenly I heard a sound,
It was the noise of a buzzing bee,
It was big and fat and round!
Now I’m very scared of bees,
So I ran and ran and ran,
I ran to the closest clutter of apple trees,
Underneath one, was a man who’d cut both his knees
I quickly made a plan.
He enquired, why?
“To get that bee away from me”, I cried!
So I gave him a drop of medicine,
He drew from his pocket a very sharp pin.
He captured the bee in his hand,
And poked it with his pin!
There I saw a buzzing bee,
It was big and fat and round!


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2 responses to “The Pineapple Tree”

  1. Arusha Avatar

    Amazingly creative Shash!keep it up and well done!

  2. uma Avatar

    A wonderful website that too on parenting. Loved the poem and the way you make this website useful :)
    Lets keep in touch !

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