The Shadow Puppets

The Shadow Puppets

We all  have seen a puppet shows either on stage or on tv. Dont you think puppets are very similar to dolls ? Only that they have strings tied to them to make them move and look alive.

But have you seen a puppet show where puppets are made of shadows?

Believe me, it is absolutely fascinating.

Shadow puppetry is not something recently discovered. This art of forming characters with shadows using hands was used  in olden times to tell stories on stage. It became less popular, as fancier and colourful  doll puppets came into being.

You can make a shadow puppet even at home. All you need is your hand, a wall and some light.Rabbit, Kangaroo,Bird, Deer, Dog are only few of the amazing things that you can make with your hands. And If you want to make them come to life, just move your hands to make the shadows also move!!

Check out this wonderful video:



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