The Two Flowers

This poignant story is written by Esha, who is nine years old. 

The two flowers

Image Credit: Flickr User CelloSounds, via CC

Once upon a time there were two flowers in a garden right next to each other. One was a beautiful, colorful flower. The other was a white flower of a medicinal plant. No body liked the white flower, because she did not have any color on her and even her voice was not as sweet as the other one.

One day a boy came running into the garden. Suddenly, he tripped and fell down. He scraped his knee very badly and started crying. His father heard him and immediately came inside the garden. He wanted to go to a medicine shop but all the shops were closed that day. Seeing the boy in pain, the white flower called out to the father and said “I am a medicinal plant, you can try me to fix your son’s injury.”

The white flower called out to them

Image Credit: Flickr User audreyjm529, via CC

The man plucked out a leaf from her and squeezed out the juice. Then he put it on his son’s scraped knee. After a few days the boy was running again.

Few days later the boy came back to the garden to meet the white flower and thanked her. The white flower got so happy – finally she was of some use. Seeing that, the colorful flower said “Sorry for teasing you. Now I know that everyone is not perfect, that everyone has some use or the other that we all should recognize”.

The white flower was the happiest flower that day!


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