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(Kaavya, 12 years old, shares the secret of her fitness in this wonderful article)

The dictum ‘A healthy body has a healthy mind’ alarmed me. Was my body healthy? Taking a closer look I realized that for my body to be fiddle fit, I had to work out.

I browsed thoroughly through all the options available as that of quick fix gyms, the swaying aerobics, splashy swimming, endless morning walks et al. All had hidden skeletons.

Just as if I tend to get lazy in my gym regime it would be a tough task for me to get back in shape and as we know swimming cannot be done throughout the year so I couldn’t stay fiddle fit round the year doing swimming. But something caught my attention.

Yoga. It was only yoga that seemed like a wholesome option so I added it to my regime. It actually caters body, mind and soul. Yoga keeps us stress free, relaxed and healthy. My instructor was well versed and I felt a gradual change initially and after sizable amount of time a complete  metamorphosis in my own self. I was no more stressed from extra study burden, all my negativity disappeared and I also lost some weight.

I felt supercilious using India’s age old tradition against the western influence that has permeated in the minds of today’s youth.


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