A Sea Diver Who Always Puts On his Trunks

Image Credit: www.alop.org, via CC

Well, the sea diver that we are talking about always moves around with his trunk. Wonder why? It is attached to him.. Any guess who that could be? It a 63-year-old elephant named Rajan. Not many elephants swim this way.

Elephants love to play with water but are not keen swimmers. In 1970s around ten elephants were taught to swim in the Andaman Islands, off the east coast of India. Why? The owners wanted them to carry logs between the islands.

Three of them are still alive, but Rajan is the last one of them that is still swimming, the other two were returned to the woods.

He was recently captured on camera by Photographer Cristian Dimitrius.

Rajan weighs 4000kgs but swims like a fish. Do you know another mammal that swims like a fish? People swim with the dolphins, but it was an amazing experience for Photographer Cristian Dimitrius to be able to swim next to an elephant. They swam together in the Bay of Bengal, near Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Earlier he was a load carrying elephant. Like most of the elephants in Asia, he used to carry load and clear the forests.

Rajan became famous when he acted in a Hollywood movie, The fall.

Now he spends time lazing on the beach or earns money by giving swimming tours to the tourists.

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