All about Bones

All About Bones

As soon as Trisha got down from her school bus she told her mom ” You know mom, Maya is my best friend but sometimes she says such goofy things. We were talking about bones when she said that babies have 300 bones but grown ups have 206 bones. How can that be true? Grown ups are taller and bigger so they should have more bones right?? ”

Mom then told Trisha that as strange as it sounds that grown ups have fewer bones than babies, it is true. As babies grow up into adults, some of the bones join together to form single, bigger bone. Trisha was amused and she asked her mom if she could tell her more interesting things about bones.

Trisha’s mom then told her some very interesting facts about bones.

Bones give our body a frame

All the bones connect together to form frame of our body that we call skeleton. This skeleton also protects important parts of our body. Our ribcage protects heart and lungs and skull protects the brain.

Bones are hard, strong from outside and light and spongy from inside. That’s why they are strong but light! The spongy bone contains red bone marrow which is a factory for making millions of red blood cells all the time. Think about it. If  the bones weren’t made of living cells, broken bones could never be fixed.

Different bones meet together at points called joints. Most of these joints allow us a lot of movement. Try to figure out as many joints as you can in your body.

The smallest bone in the body is Stapes located in the ear. The largest bone of the body is the thigh bone called Femur. It is even stronger than a steel bar of same size!!

Now can you imagine how our body would have been without bones?? Just like  J E L L Y !!

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