Scarlet Macaw

Amazon Rainforest Animals

The Amazon rainforest has the largest collection of plants and animal species in the world. One in five of all the fish and the bird species live in the Amazon River and its rain-forest.

Interesting Amazon Rainforest Animal Facts

And some of the unique Amazon Wildlife found in the rainforests:

Scarlet Macaw – are the beautiful scarlet birds that love to eat seeds, nuts, fruits and can live up to 60 years or more.

Toucan – are the noisiest jungle birds and are famous for their oversized colorful beak called the ‘bill’.


Harpy eagle – is one of the world’s largest and most powerful eagles.  It has the largest claws that are longer than even grizzly bear’s claws.

Harpy eagle

Giant anteater – Another amusing creature that uses its long, sticky tongue to catch insects for food. They can smell insects from long distances and can eat about 30,000 insects a day!!


Giant anteater

Three toed sloth – is the laziest animal around! They sleep for about 20 hours a day. Even when awake it often remains motionless. It hangs around on tree tops (since it can hardly walk on ground) and eats fruits and shoots when it wants.

Three toed sloth

Anaconda – is the largest snake on the earth and can even gobble up a Jaguar. They don’t kill prey by venom Instead, they wrap their bodies around their prey and squeeze until it stops breathing.


Poison dart frog – are the most poisonous creatures on Earth. They are very brightly colored and ooze poison through their skin.

Poison dart frog

And last but not the least is the Jaguar which is the largest cat in the Americas and thus the symbol of the rainforest.


And this is not it! There are so many other animals out there in the Amazon that are wonderful and unique in their own ways.

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