Anti Shark suits

Anti Shark Suits

Image Credit: Flickr User wkmux, via CC

Coastline of Perth, Western Australia has recently experienced the highest number of fatal shark attacks in the world. The coastal waters are teaming with white sharks, and this poses a great threat to lives. Highly concerned about the issue, Shark Attack Mitigation Systems(SAMS) in collaboration with The University of Western Australia has innovated two types of shark suits that can act as an invisibility cloak in case you happen to face a shark!

The first suit, named the “Diverter”, has a bold black and white banding pattern. The sharks perceive the person wearing the suit as an unpleasant tasting prey.  And even sharks are smart enough to decide that it isn’t wise to feed on a noxious prey when there are plenty of other yummy stuff available. ;)

The second suit, aptly named “Elude” meaning dodge, acts as a perfect camouflage as with its blue on blue pattern it perfectly blends into the waters.

Up until now, the testing of these suits has been only done on dummies swimming in front of tiger sharks. Will swimmers feel confident enough to jump in water full of sharks wearing these suits? That remains to be seen.


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