Blind Archer Sets World Record at Olympics, Photocredit: Nationalpost

Blind Archer Sets World Record at Olympics

Almost blind archer Im Dong-hyun set the first world record of the London Olympics. He scored 699 points from 72 arrows to beat his own record of 696 points. Along with Kim Bubmin and Oh Jin-Hyek he also helped South Korea set a team record in the ranking round on Friday.

“This is just the first round, so I will not get too excited by it,” said Im, who has 10 percent vision in his left eye and 20 percent in his right.

The 26-year-old Im has said that when he looks at the targets, he sees colors with blurred lines between them. He does not wear glasses in competition, saying he relies on distinguishing between the bright colors of the target. (Source: Nationalpost)

What a thrilling start !!



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