Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Alarmingly High

Image Credit: Flickr User Charlotte Gilhooly, via CC

First time in millions of years, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have been found to be alarmingly high. The levels have been recorded at dangerously high number of 400 parts per million. The readings were noted by US government agency lab on Hawaii that measure daily levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. It has been doing so since many years.

The last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere was about five millions years ago when modern humans did not exist and climate was much warmer than it is today.

How do we know what were the carbon dioxide levels were millions of years ago?  One of popular methods among scientists to figure out that is to study bubbles of ancient air trapped in Antarctic ice tot know the composition of air then.

Why is so much carbon dioxide dangerous? Excess carbon dioxide forms big part of greenhouse gases that trap suns rays and are responsible for heating up of Earth. The result is Global warming.

Scientists from all over the world are alarmed by the situation and suggest that there is an immediate need to deal with the problem.

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