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  • Who is A Lawyer?

    Who is A Lawyer?

    A lawyer is a person who is cool, To become one he goes to law school. Oh! All the laws that he has to cram, In order to pass the BAR exam. There are many different types of lawyers, And they are paid top dollar. A criminal defense lawyer works all the time, And saves the people that are accused of […]

  • Doctors of The Past

    Doctors of The Past

    These days we have special doctors and hospitals to take care of all our illnesses. Dentists for teeth problems, pediatricians for the sick children, foot doctors, doctors who help in the birth of babies, dermatologists for skin infections and the bone doctors. There are hospitals everywhere where you could run to and get yourself checked […]

  • Cixi – The Dragon Lady

    Cixi – The Dragon Lady

    Not very long ago there was a forbidden city, a royal palace in China. Located in the center of what we call Beijing today. This palace was a home to kings and queens for almost 500 years. The strangest queen that ever ruled from the forbidden city got its name “The Dragon lady”. Her real […]

  • Abundant Alaska

    Abundant Alaska

    Alaska or  “the great land”  comes from a native word Aleyska. This place justifies its name. Abundant volcanoes, mountains, glaciers and abundantly long day and nights. It also has a vast reserve of natural oil,  fishing and natural gas. This state is a peninsula and has several smaller peninsulas of its own. Alaska is bordered by Canada on […]

  • Who are Nomads?

    Who are Nomads?

    I wander here, I wander there My feet are bare, but I don’t care! I stay when the food is around, No more food, I leave the ground. Who am I? A Nomad. Nomads are people that do not stay in one place and wander in search of food. They usually have a herd of […]

  • Magnificent Mexico

    Magnificent Mexico

    If you wanted to visit a country that has mountains, canyons, deserts and green jungles then Mexico would be a good choice. It has all. It is a big country spread under blue skies and sunshine. Mexico is nestled between the two sparkling oceans. Almost 7000 years ago, when its neighbors US and Canada were savage […]

  • Beethoven


    A person who plays musical instruments is known as a musician. Musicians who know how to create new music pieces are called composers. All composers are musicians but all musicians are not composers. Think :) Listen to this. One of the greatest musicians and composers of all times – Beethoven, composed this masterpiece called ‘Ode […]

  • Who was Charles Darwin?

    Who was Charles Darwin?

    On the morning of 27th December, 1831 Charles stood at the rail of this great ship HMS Beagle. Wind blowing in his face and hair. He looked down to where the water lapped on its sides. Robert Fitzroy, the captain of Beagle was busy with the last minutes preparations as the Beagle was ready to […]

  • World’s Tallest Tower – Burj Khalifa

    World’s Tallest Tower – Burj Khalifa

    Can you guess? Here’s another clue. It is the tallest building in the world and it is the pride of middle east. If you said Burj Khalifa, Dubai, you’re absolutely right!! But do you know Burj Khalifa should also be your answer if someone asks you about the building with the highest number of stories, […]

  • The Man Who Knew Everything – Leonardo Da Vinci

    The Man Who Knew Everything – Leonardo Da Vinci

    Almost five hundred years ago, Florence, Italy was home to great artists. Anybody who wanted to become an artist came to this city and worked under an experienced older artist.  A fourteen year old boy began studying art with the artist Verrocchio, a famous artist. This young boy was smart, strong and clever. He seemed to […]

  • A Great Teacher – Dalai Lama

    A Great Teacher – Dalai Lama

    You must have heard about a great spiritual leader named the Dalai Lama. Whom does it refer to? Let us first understand about a religion called Buddhism. In 520 BC, a great man named Gautama Buddha reached enlightenment. People who followed his preaching were soon called Buddhists. Buddhism is followed all over in Southeast Asia, China and […]

  • History Diggers – Archaeologists

    History Diggers – Archaeologists

    You must have heard about bone diggers or nose diggers, but what is history diggers? Before we come to that let us look at another set of questions. How do we get to know about the history? About something that happened in the past? How did we get to know so much about dinosaurs when […]

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