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  • Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Is the photograph tilted ? No! It seems to be fine then there must be something wrong with the building in the photograph. Oh yes! It is the building that is tilted. It is called the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was originally named the Tower of Pisa and is located in the town of […]

  • Lines That Tell The Way – Maps

    Lines That Tell The Way – Maps

    Since morning Mom and dad had been neatly hiding the clues all around the backyard and the house. Today was Easter and five of my closest friends were going to join me for Easter egg treasure hunt in the evening. I was to told to stay in my room until my parents were done. I […]

  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela was a South African politician. He was the first black president of the South Africa. He served as president from 1994 to 1999. The world lost him on 5th December 2103 at the age of 95. Nelson Mandela was born as Rolihlahla Mandela on July 18, 1918, in a small village Mvezo, in […]

  • Venice of the North – Giethoorn

    Venice of the North – Giethoorn

    A famous and beautiful village in Netherlands. Giethoorn. What make it more special is the fact that it has no roads. No cars, no buses. I wonder how the people move around in this village. Well, the village is connected by canals and people park boats, not cars in their garages. That is why it is […]

  • Saira’s Eid

    Saira’s Eid

    Saira got up early today in excitement. Today was the much awaited festival of Eid-ul-fitr. The festival marked the end of Ramadan – an entire month of dawn-to-sunset fasting. Ramadan is the month where Muslims around the world focus entirely on the Lord and thank Him for his blessings. During Ramadan time, they pray a […]

  • Who was Charles Dickens?

    Who was Charles Dickens?

    This is a true and inspiring story about a boy named Charles who was born in England about 200 years ago. He was born on February 7, 1812 to very poor parents. But do you know whom this boy grew up to become? He became a world famous English writer Charles Dickens. Now England was […]

  • Sydney Opera House

    Sydney Opera House

    As the name suggests, Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney, Australia. It is a very well recognized and unique structure on the shores of Sydney harbor. It is one of the most famous performing arts center in the world. The building is shaped like sails of a boat. It stands in the middle of […]

  • A Visit to Italy

    A Visit to Italy

    Romi and Chris were so excited as their parents were taking them to Italy. They had always observed Italy on the map and it looked really funny shaped like a boot. Near the toe of the boot is an island named Sicily. Towards the north, there is another island Sardinia. Both the islands are a […]

  • Who were The Romans?

    Who were The Romans?

    The Romans. Great soldiers. Gladiators. There is a legend about the first men that built the city Rome. Two little boys named Romulus and Remus, were found in the bushes near a river bank. A mother wolf was passing through and heard their sobs. When the boys saw the wolf, instead of getting scared they […]

  • People of the Arctic – The Inuit

    People of the Arctic – The Inuit

    Akycha is a seven year old Inuit boy who lives in Canada. Inuit are the people who live around the cold arctic region of Greenland, Canada, United States and Russia. In America, Inuit are sometimes referred to as Eskimos, but in Canada and Greenland they like to be called Inuit. Akycha realises that nobody in […]

  • Jantar Mantar

    Jantar Mantar

    Have you ever been to an observatory? An observatory is a room or building housing a telescope or other scientific equipment for the study of natural phenomena. In present day observatories, we have housed advanced astronomy gadgets that tell us all we want to know about the celestial bodies in space. What about the times […]

  • Awesome Argentina

    Awesome Argentina

    If you lose a tooth, which is the place in the world where a little mouse named “El Raton Perez” comes and takes the tooth from under your pillow, and leaves some coins?  Your Birthday wish starts by pulling of your earlobes by loved ones?  Strange huh! But its all in fun. An afternoon siesta here […]