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  • The Sunny Sweets

    The Sunny Sweets

    Jane wanted to eat something sweet, but her mother did not want to give her anything sweet before dinner. She only wanted her to eat healthily. Jane plonked on the sofa and grumbled, “Why can’t sweets be healthy? They are yummy.” That reminded her mom that there were some healthy sweets also. They are sweets […]

  • What do Plants need To Grow?

    What do Plants need To Grow?

    Have you ever wondered why trees and plants grow in some places and not in the others? Why do some pieces of land have many trees, while some have almost none growing on them at all? Let us explore. In order to grow, plants need several things.The most important one is warmth. Just like we need the warmth of […]

  • Weird Noses

    Weird Noses

    We all know that noses serve two purposes – breathing and smelling. Right? But some animals do more than that, and their weird noses help them. They have very strange noses, and if there ever were a competition to decide which animal has the weirdest nose, it would be a tough call but there are […]

  • The Flying Fish – Manta Ray

    The Flying Fish – Manta Ray

    If you were to go underwater diving, you would see this fish soaring high as an eagle. Manta rays or the Eagle rays as they are called are very interesting creatures. They are mostly found in the warm waters of the tropical seas. Do they really fly? Umm Nope! It appears as if they are […]

  • The One With Singing Wings  – Crickets

    The One With Singing Wings – Crickets

    What sings with its wings? To water it mostly clings. All the summer long, The chirping goes on. And the song goes on. But the cricket does not even open its mouth to chirp. Strange huh! It raises its stiff leathery front wing and rubs one over the other to make its high creaking sound. […]

  • Come Autumn, Fall leaves

    Come Autumn, Fall leaves

    In many countries, especially in the west, as autumn approaches, the leaves of some trees change color. It changes from a green to gorgeous hues of red, orange and brown. And then after this marvelous show of beauty, the leaves fall. The tree stands without leaves, just a skeletal of branches until the arrival of […]

  • Food Chain

    Food Chain

      All living things must  eat other living things to survive. You see a bird eating a worm. Or you see a lion preying on an innocent looking gazelle. You feel sad and sorry. But the truth is that one living thing must eat some other living thing to survive.  Why is that? Because living things provide energy […]

  • Rivers Of Ice – Glaciers

    Rivers Of Ice – Glaciers

    These rivers of ice known as glaciers move slowly but steadily and carry a deep secrets within them. The climate of the past, where they were formed or how old they are. How so? Let us see. First let us try and understand the process of how glaciers are formed. The story begins in the […]

  • Count The Spots On Me – Leopard

    Count The Spots On Me – Leopard

    Well, can you count the spots on a leopard? No. You can not put a number. Every leopard has a different number of spots on their fur. The spots also vary in shapes and sizes from leopard to leopard. Do you know that these spots on leopard skin are called ‘rosettes’? Why? If you observe them carefully, they […]

  • The UnderGround Treasures – Minerals

    The UnderGround Treasures – Minerals

    Treasures are not only found in safes and caves. They are embedded in the Earth’s crust and are everywhere. Hmm.. What treasures can these be? Minerals are the natural treasures from which the Earth’s crust is made. How are they formed? Do they grow on trees? They are not like plants. They do not grow […]