Weird Noses

We all know that noses serve two purposes – breathing and smelling. Right? But some animals do more than that, and their weird noses help them. They have very strange noses, and if there ever were a competition to decide which animal has the weirdest nose, it would be a tough call but there are a few that might qualify for the finals.

Image Credit: Flickr User gordonramaysubmission,via CC
  • The Star-nosed mole – The star-nosed mole is blackish-brown and has a thick water-repellent fur, large scaled feet and a long, thick tail. But what is the most outstanding part of his body? His strange snout looks like a star. The nose has twenty-two star like spikes hanging from it. These spikes have over 25,000 receptors that can even detect an earthquake or eruption of a volcano, even before it happens. Wow! Wish we could do that, but then do we want a nose like him? Nah!
Proboscis Monkey
Image Credit: Flickr User chem5, via CC
  • The Proboscis Monkey – Can you guess the other name of this monkey? The long-nosed monkey. Why? Because of the long noses, they have. Father monkeys have noses almost up to 10 cm long and hang lower than their mouth. Mama monkeys don’t have such large noses, but pretty large in comparison to other monkey species. So what purpose does it solve?Well, the father monkeys look dashing with long noses :)).
  • The Blobfish – Blobfish’s nose resembles the nose of a dwarf named grumpy from the Snowhite, doesn’t it? But it isn’t grumpy. A deep sea fish, it is only 30cm long. It looks completely different when it is out of water. Due to its strange appearance this fish almost looks like an alien.

Image Credit: Flickr User Michael Fraley, via CC
  • Mandrill – Okay so what is funny about this monkey’s nose? Did it roll on a full box of makeup? Its face has no hair with a long elongated muzzle beautified with a red stripe down the middle and protruding blue ridges on the sides. It also has red nostrils and lips. And wait this is not mama mandrill its the dad. Imagine your dad putting on makeup. Isn’t it funny!
Unicorn fish
Image Credit: Flickr User Jens-Patter, via CC
  • Unicorn fish – Well unicorns do not exist, but the unicorn fish does exist. A protruding snout is a unique feature of this fish. Does the snout grow as soon as they are born? Nope! It begins growing when a young fish reaches the length of 13 cm.
  • Pinocchio lizard – They were thought to be extinct but were recently spotted again in Ecuador. This lizard has a long nose like Pinocchio, but there is a difference between the two, the lizard’s nose stays long all the time ;) And the lizard’s nose is pretty flexible too.
Goblin Sharks
Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons, via CC
  • Goblin sharks – Goblin sharks are the lazy creatures found in the deep ocean. Their elongated nose has special sensors that enable it to catch its prey. Thank God. Otherwise, this lazy shark would have died of hunger.

Now we have discussed some unusual animals having weird noses, but now it is time to discuss the more familiar animals with strange noses – pigs, elephants, rhino, hippos, tapirs and parrots. What! Maybe not parrots because they have a weird beak, but it sure looks like a nose.

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  1. esha Avatar

    Awesome. I like the blobfish the most

  2. Anusia Avatar

    Its amazing. There are many kinds of animals on earth which are yet to be explored.

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