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  • Hydrogen Powered Cars

    Hydrogen Powered Cars

    The basic idea behind hydrogen fuel is simple – the hydrogen gas is passed through a stack of fuel cells that combines the pure hydrogen with oxygen from the air to create water, electricity, and heat. The fuel cells produce electricity as long as hydrogen is supplied to them. The only residual that is emitted […]

  • Drones Delivering Joy

    Drones Delivering Joy

    A drone traditionally refers to an unpiloted aircraft used for military purposes. Military uses drones for surveillance or bomb strikes. A traditional drone usually delivers nothing more than sadness. This technology is often associated with violence and negative news. Do you think we can tweak the stereotypical image of a military drone and visualize it as something […]

  • What is Work?

    What is Work?

    You sit in the chair and study for hours for the exam the next day. Then you wrap up and run to the couch. You sit and watch television, unwind a bit. Your mum calls you in distress from the kitchen. A heavy flour box is almost falling down on her. You throw your hands […]

  • A Train as Fast as an Aeroplane – Maglev Train

    A Train as Fast as an Aeroplane – Maglev Train

    Can a train travel as fast as an airplane? Yes, the Maglev train does move at speeds comparable to air travel. And to make things interesting it does not travel on the rails, it floats on a cushion of air just above a single rail! Another very interesting fact about this train is that it […]

  • What is Erosion?

    What is Erosion?

    Erosion is the process of wearing away of things. It is used a lot in the context of our Earth. When a big landform- let us say a mountain, gradually wears away to become a smaller hill, we say it has eroded. Erosion can also happen on land. Soil erosion is a very common thing. […]

  • Meat Eating Animals – Carnivores

    Meat Eating Animals – Carnivores

    Have you seen a tiger smacking its lips after devouring a deer? Carnivores are animals that want meat on their plate every single day! Many of you like to eat meat every day but that does not make you a carnivore. You are a ‘non-vegetarian’. The term carnivore is related to meat eating animals and […]

  • How Magnets Work?

    How Magnets Work?

    Have you ever played with magnets? Magnets are objects that have an invisible force acting between them. Take two magnets and bring them closer and click! – they stick together. However, sometimes you feel an invisible force acting between them pushes them away from each other. If you keep two magnets far away from each […]

  • What is Bio-luminescence?

    What is Bio-luminescence?

    Long time ago there was a little girl who was curious to go visit the glowing forest, but her mom told her not to go to that weird place. One day she decided to check it out on her own. She went there to see if there were any pixies or gnomes, but there were […]

  • What is Friction?

    What is Friction?

    Do you know why things fall on the ground? They do because they are pulled by a force known as gravity. Have you seen how magnets stick to each other? They do so because they are pulled by a force known as the magnetic force. Do you know how we are able to walk? Our legs […]

  • Time Travel

    Time Travel

    Car travel. Bus travel. Train travel. Time travel. Pick the odd one out. If you chose time travel, you are right in the sense that time is not a vehicle that we can use to travel. But is it possible to travel through time? Can we visit our past and take a sneak peek into […]

  • Earth’s Protective Gear – Ozone Layer

    Earth’s Protective Gear – Ozone Layer

    Have you noticed people wearing large hats and sunglasses to protect themselves from the sun? Many people often carry umbrellas to shade themselves. The white face paint cricketers paint their faces with, isn’t just out of style. That’s sunscreen! Sportsmen cover their faces with sunscreen before they step out to play. Why do we need protection […]

  • Mist and Dew

    Mist and Dew

    Mist.. Is it fog or a small cloud? Well, it could be both. A very thin fog is called mist or cloud on the ground can be mist. Well, how are they formed? When warm air comes in contact with the cold surface, or damp air becomes cold (again coming in contact with the cold […]

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