Drones delivering happiness

Drones Delivering Joy

Image Credit: Flickr User Ted Eytan, via CC

A drone traditionally refers to an unpiloted aircraft used for military purposes. Military uses drones for surveillance or bomb strikes. A traditional drone usually delivers nothing more than sadness. This technology is often associated with violence and negative news. Do you think we can tweak the stereotypical image of a military drone and visualize it as something that delivers happiness? Yes, we can!

A delivery drone does just that.

Let’s re-evaluate our perception of drones by using technology in creative and entirely unexpected ways.

A delivery drone is a parcel-copter that is used to transport food, packages or other goods. Let us explore some of the creative ideas that are being implemented using a delivery drone to deliver joy and cheer.

Look at the world through the eyes of a construction worker. Thousands of laborers work day and night in the sweltering heat to earn bread and butter for their kids. If we cannot give them the appreciation for their hard work, can we at least spread a bit of cheer amongst them? A giant beverage company in Singapore used delivery drones to reach out to thousands of workers by dropping cold soda cans consisting of personalized messages of support and thank you.  Just the perfect gesture to brighten someone’s day. Imagine how much this parcel of encouragement would have boosted their morale and make them do their monotonous jobs with enthusiasm.


Sometimes certain areas or countries are engaged in warfare, and it is more than dangerous to reach them via airport or sea. Areas hit by a natural disaster can also be impossible to reach at times. Delivery drones could be used to deliver emergency parcels such as food, medications, clothing or other high priority items to those areas.

Delivery drones can also be used to deliver lifesaving medicines and another pharmaceutical goods especially to rural areas and those areas that are difficult to reach via ground vehicles.

Although the flight time and range of delivery drones is limited, scientists are coming up with better versions of this happiness spreading technology. And once this technology improves, how about drones delivering posts?  These robotic mail carriers can be employed to make efficient mail and package deliveries, and the best part is that they are safer and more cost effective. Delivery drones intended for this purpose have to be equipped with improved safety and Verification features that ensure that the mail reaches the correct recipient.

So in near future you can surprise your friends on their special occasions by sending a present through postal drones!

Interesting, isn’t it?

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