Child Labor – A Sad Truth

“Child labor” means when children work and do petty jobs in place of going to school. This usually happens with children who are born into poverty stricken families. These children are made to work at the cost of their right to education. Without the education and literacy, they are never able to get into better-paying jobs. Thus they are permanently trapped in the poverty cycle.

Sadly, work done by children at the cost of education, harms them physically, mentally and morally.

In our country, we often see many children under the age of fourteen working as servants in household, carpet making factories, glass blowing units and making fireworks with bare little hands. Sometimes these children work for eight hours at a stretch with only a small break for meals. The meals are also frugal and the children are ill nourished. Most of the migrant children who cannot go home, sleep at their work place, which is unsuitable for their health and development.

India, sadly tops the list with the highest number of child labourers in the world.Our government is taking measures by imposing strict penalties for those who employ child labourers. On our part, the least we can do is to discourage  employment of child as labor around us.

Did You know that all working men and women are called ‘Labor’ ? Once a year Labor day is celebrated around the world to honour all of working men and women and their importance to society.

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