Happy Labor Day !!

All working men and women are called ‘Labor’. The Labour Day Or May Day falls on May 1 and is celebrated around the world to honour all of  working men and women and their importance to the society.

But who thought of Labour day? How did it start?
The history of  Labour Day is that on May 1, 1886 , labour groups in America decided to protest against more than 8 hours of working in a day. Sometime later, the 8-hour of work in a day rule was made for workers across the world.
Thus,  The Labour Day is a special occasion when workers get together and show their strength that how if needed, they can struggle to bring in good changes for all working people.

It is observed as a national holiday in around 80 countries including India.

Interestingly, USA observes another day on May 1st – they call it their Law Day – and Labour day is celebrated in September instead.

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