Teacher's day

Happy Teacher’s Day

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Many countries celebrate Teacher’s day to appreciate the devotion and hard work of teachers. In India, it is celebrated on September 5. This day is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a renowned scholar and an excellent teacher. He was also the first vice president and second president of India. His contribution to the Indian education system is unparalleled.

The story behind celebrating teachers day on his birthday is very interesting. His students once asked his permission to celebrate his birthday. He asked them not to celebrate that day as his birthday, but as teacher’s day. A tribute to all the teachers. Dr. Radhakrishnan believed that ‘Teachers should be the best minds in the country‘.

Today, we fondly remember a great educationist and also salute all the teachers who enlighten our minds with knowledge, day after day so that we can go out and reach for the stars.

Do something different for your teachers today to show how much you appreciate and love them. Make a card, cookie, cake, flowers or may be just a nice ‘Thank you’… How’s that?

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  1. TeamKailashOnline Avatar

    Very special Day…Thanks for sharing the information….Happy Teachers Day

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