Hagfish slime

Clothes Made Out of Slime?


Image Credit: Flickr User dirtsailor2003, via CC

Eeeeww… Who will ever want to wear slime clothes? Well, why not? People do wear clothes made out of worms – Silkworms !!

Hagfishes live very deep in the ocean and are the probably the slimiest creatures on earth. Hagfishes are covered with special glands that can emit a sticky slime. When they feel threatened they can release enormous amount of slime as a trick to save themselves. This slime is made up of very strong and strechy fibres. Scientists believe this slime or similar proteins could be used to make breathable athletic wear. So this slime can be a natural and renewable source for making cloth. Environment friendly isn’t?

There is just one problem. For mass production of cloth from slime, we need to create massive hagfish farms. Since hagfishes are creatures of deep ocean, scientists are not sure whether that is a feasible solution. Let us wait and watch.


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