Don't be a genie, Be a parent

Do not be a Genie, Just be a Parent

Be mindful of the temptation of buying just anything and everything for your kids that they desire. Many a times our kids pester us for toys or stuff that their friends have been flaunting. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a lot of nagging we eventually give in. But should we just keep on buying toys/things for them that they do not really need? Well that is what I did until recently. Soon I realized that even after having designated one room as the toy room that had cabinets, lofts and trolleys full of toys and just toys – the toys were now beginning to conquer my whole house.

One night after stepping on the squeaky duck, then hurting my feet with car wheels and then finally narrowly escaping a slip disc injury tripping over the bouncy ball, I made a decision. I was so done. Some of these toys had to go. It was either me or them. I decided to update the kids about my decision, gently. I asked for their help as they were to give away these toys to less privileged children. Surprisingly my kids were tremendously supportive – initially. But as the toys flowed out of the cabinets, it turned out they wanted to hold on to each and every one of them. The more I reasoned with them the more they got upset.

I decided I was not going to give up. I was determined to downsize the clutter and this time without their permission.  Soon enough I got rid of all the toys that my kids were not playing much with. Phew! And now I am thoroughly enjoying all the free space, and my kids have begun to enjoy that too!


Having fewer toys really does benefits kids. Here, is how:

  • By you saying ‘no’ for some things, you are giving your kids basic lessons about impulse control. It gradually enforces in them the fact it is OK not to own everything one desires.
  • Children will give more attention to each toy and, therefore, value their toys more.
  • With fewer items to look after for, they will take care of their things better.
  • Also, ‘clean-up time’ with a limited number of toys is easy for kids. They get confused when too many things are floating around.

And for adults, of course  living in a cleaner tidier home is a big plus !!

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