A dolphin pod

Dolphin ‘Super pod’ Spotted

Image Credit: Flickr User mjmermis, via CC

A group of thousands of dolphins were spotted taking a swim together off the coast of San Diego, California. Dolphins are social animals that usually stay in groups of dozens known as pods. But once in a while, when there is abundance of food in an area, many pods merge together make a ‘super pod’. This phenomenon is not totally unheard of but is rare.

So, it was a treat for all the tourists aboard a cruise boat that spotted the dolphins. The tour followed the pod for more than an hour. Boat Captain Joe Dutra, who has been sailing these waters for years  said that there were more than ten thousand dolphins in the group. He said that he had seen dolphins around but never in such large numbers.

Take a look at this short video taken by one of the tourist on that boat:



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2 responses to “Dolphin ‘Super pod’ Spotted”

  1. Arusha Avatar

    Oh wow,this was amazing!the video was excellent and so fantastic!I even watched the blue whale video,and it was splendid!please put more on underwater mammals soon!
    Thank you so much!

  2. Arusha Avatar

    Oh wow this was fantastic!I really loved the information on super pods of dolphins!
    The videos were amazing too,I watched the dolphin one(super pods)and the blue whale one!which was awesome and fantastic!please put more information on underwater creatures soon!Also could you put information on land animals too?(especially tigers,lions,foxes,wolves,meerkats etc?)
    Thank you so much

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