Earth's twin sister - venus

Earth’s twin sister – Venus

You all must know that Venus is the second planet from the sun and the closest planet to Earth. It is also called earth’s twin sister because of similar size and closeness to each other.  But did you know that a day on Venus is longer than an year on Venus. Ha! That’s funny, How is that possible? That would mean that if you were on Venus you would be an year older even before the day ended. Confused??

Lets start to explain by defining a day and an year.

A day is how much time a planet takes to finish one rotation on its axis.

An year is how much time a planet takes to revolve completely around the sun.

According to our measurement of time, it takes no less than 243 days (of Earth time) for Venus to finish one rotation on its axis, whereas it takes 224.7 Earth days for Venus to revolve completely around the sun.

So compared to planet Earth, Venus’s sister planet, has much, much longer days, but it takes much less time than Earth for Venus to experience a whole year.

Guess where the Venus sun sets? In the east! On Venus, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east as planet rotates from East to West.

Interesting isn’t it?

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