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  • Astrostat – India’s First Space Observatory

    Astrostat – India’s First Space Observatory

    28 September 2015 was a special day for India. The country’s space program had added another feat to its list. They launched their first space observatory and called it ASTROSTAT. Astrostat was launched from Sriharikota, in the Southern part of India. What is a space observatory? In 1990, the Hubble telescope was sent into space. This was an […]

  • Titan – Another Place Like Home

    Titan – Another Place Like Home

    Saturn, the only planet with rings in our Solar System, has 53 moons! Imagine that! Most of Saturn’s moons are small like our Moon. However, one of its moons called the Titan is as big as a planet. Titan is the largest of Saturn’s moons and the second largest in our Solar System. Saturn’s moons […]

  • Message In A Bottle!

    Message In A Bottle!

    An Australian couple Sean and Shelly Thomas recently vacationing in Scotland found a bottle in the sand dunes of Rattray Head on Scotland’s north-east coast. Imagine their surprise when they opened the bottle and found a 44-year-old message. Sean Thomas who is a collector and loves to collect unique things found this bottle on one of his routine hunts. The couple noticed […]

  • Space Traffic

    Space Traffic

    There are so many objects out there in Space that it seems like a busy road with no traffic controller. All of these objects are orbiting around the earth. Now what is an orbit? It is a path taken by one object while revolving around another object. Do you know what are these objects going round […]

  • Hiding of The Sun and The Moon – Eclipse

    Hiding of The Sun and The Moon – Eclipse

    Long time ago, the Sun, Moon and the Earth decided to play hide and seek. Little did they know that there was nowhere to hide. But they still wanted to play the game. So the Moon thought that it will hide behind the Earth when the Sun had to catch him. As soon as it hid […]

  • What is NASA?

    What is NASA?

    July 20, 1969 – NASA’s Apollo 11 landed the first humans on Moon. May 14, 1973 – NASA launches Skylab, the first and only independently built space station of US. August 6, 2012 -NASA’s car-sized rover Curiosity lands on Mars One word that is common in all of the above successful space missions is NASA. […]

  • Piggybacking On The Comet – The Rosetta Misson

    Piggybacking On The Comet – The Rosetta Misson

    This event is the first of firsts. Nothing like this has ever happened ever. A spacecraft named Rosetta has landed on a comet for the first time. The comet is Comet C-G named after the scientists Churyumov-Gerasimenko who found it. History got made today. Do you know how blazing fast the comet is moving? Its […]

  • What are Exoplanets?

    What are Exoplanets?

    While Sun is the center of our Universe and our existence it is not the only star. This Universe is unending. There are many other stars like Sun in the Universe. The planet revolving around these stars are called Exoplanets or Extra Solar planets. Do these planets have life? Maybe, but we do not know […]

  • How the Earth was Made?

    How the Earth was Made?

    And God created Earth… Our Earth. It is a very special planet. It is so unique that its presence just feels like a miracle, none of the other planets of our Solar system are that special. The rest of the space that we have explored so far only shows a possibility of another planet like […]

  • Exploring Space

    Exploring Space

    I know that you know the basic stuff about space. You know that there is a Sun. And that there are planets that revolve around the sun. There are moons and stars. What else do you know? You know that our Earth is the only planet that has life. Humans, a term that we use for […]

  • Distance From The Stars

    Distance From The Stars

    The shining little star is definitely not little, but it is really far. In fact, the stars are so far that the astronomers cannot measure them in the conventional units of measurement like Kilometers. How do they measure these distances then? They took the fastest moving thing in the universe which is light. These distances […]

  • Navigating Neptune

    Navigating Neptune

    Neptune, like mostly all the other celestial objects in space, is also named after a god in Greek Roman mythology. Neptune means Roman god of the sea. It had been named so probably because of its blue appearance. The planet is all blue. Is that because of presence of water on the planet? No way! […]

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