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How the Earth was Made?

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And God created Earth…

Our Earth. It is a very special planet. It is so unique that its presence just feels like a miracle, none of the other planets of our Solar system are that special. The rest of the space that we have explored so far only shows a possibility of another planet like Earth. But we don’t know for sure.

Have you ever wondered about the birth of Earth? How did it all start?

It all started with a loud bang.

Birth of earth
Image Credit: Flickr User gnews pics, via CC

About 200 years ago scientists had started wondering about the age and origins of Earth. A Victorian scientist Lord Kelvin tried to measure the age of Earth. He used the knowledge that the earth’s temperature increased one degree Fahrenheit for each 50 feet into the ground. As the earth’s center is 7000° F, he assumed that the earth began as molten rock at that temperature.  Using this information, he estimated the Earth to be hundreds of millions years old. His calculations might not have been accurate as he was unaware of radioactive elements in the earth at that time, but this discovery sparked a fire. All the geologists, scientists and Darwinists, started asking the same question.

Today we know that our Earth is 4.5 billion years old.

Now we know the age of Earth, but how was it made. Astronomers were able to form theories about how our solar system was made by watching the birth of stars in the dwarf galaxies. It is speculated that there was a large explosion of a star in space followed by a series of collisions around 13 billion years ago. The result was chaos!

Then 4.6 billion years ago there was just Sun surrounded by a hot, dark cloud of gases. The space dust kept swirling around until it clumped together into small rocks. These rocks then began pull each other due to gravity. Probably, this is how Earth was formed. A big molten sphere.

While our Earth was trying to cool off it collided another object as big as the Planet Mars named Theia. Scientists believe that this scooped out a huge chunk of material from Earth. This huge scooped out chunk became our beautiful moon. The strike also probably made space for the steam in the space to condense and form oceans on Earth. Aren’t we lucky?

Astronomers can see galaxies zooming away from us in all directions. There is no end to this Universe. Is there some planet like earth? Would we ever be able to find it?


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3 responses to “How the Earth was Made?”

  1. Sara Avatar

    cool realy helped me 98%

  2. Shruti lodaya Avatar
    Shruti lodaya

    But can’t understand how its made??

  3. Sandra Perez Avatar
    Sandra Perez

    God created earth just as you said but he also created the ocean, the sun, the air, other planets, the whole universe. I feel people start to loose their faith and start not believing in miracles becuase everyone wants an answere becuase they question their faith.

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