What is an UFO?

Flying Saucers in the Sky

The Flying saucers is the common name given to the Unidentified Flying Objects in the sky. These Unidentified Flying Objects are abbreviated as UFO. Nobody knows for real whether they exist or not but they are often associated with aliens and extra-terrestrial life. The name flying saucer comes from the fact that most UFOs are said to be ‘saucer-like’ in shape but then there are many other shapes reported as well like balls, triangles.

Triangle shaped UFO would look something like this

UFO’s are said to have speeds beyond that of any known air-crafts and perform tricks beyond any humans imagination. Also, in comparison to any aircraft that exists they are much bigger. Incredible isn’t it?

Many people across the world claim to have seen UFOs  but scientist refuse to believe their claims. They say that the mysterious objects could be anything from light flashes, bright stars to meteors or even unusual looking clouds.

Unusual UFO look alike cloud

For all the people who firmly believe in UFO’s say that the same way we are curious about other planets in space, aliens are interested in ours. So from time to time they come to explore our planet. Just think about it. For them,we are aliens ;)

Who is the alien, huh?

Very recently, NASA’s Curiosity rover captured a strange white light dancing across the horizon of Mars and four blobs hovering in the sky. Many alien believers say that those are Martian ships keeping an eye on curiosity, but NASA and photography experts insist they are nothing more than smudges on the images, picked up by the camera lens sitting on the rover. Hmm Interesting ..

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