Emperor penguin of Macquarie island

Happy Feet – Lost and Found

Image Credit: Flickr User linpadgham, via CC

Macquarie Islands, one of the islands around Antarctic is home to the entire Royal Penguin population on earth during their annual nesting season.

An emperor penguin belonging to the Macquarie Islands, lost its way and drifted 2000 Kms in the ocean for about an year, before it was finally found in New Zealand.



The penguin, named Happy Feet Jr, is currently under the care of New Zealand zoo. Malnutritioned, dehydrated and exhausted, Happy Feet is in critical condition. Vets are doing everything they can to help him regain his health.

Emperor penguins are fantastic in navigation and rarely lose their way. Happy Feet Jr is only the fourth royal penguin to get stranded on a New Zealand beach in past hundred years.

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